Scout says Atticus was feeble.Scout says Atticus was feeble. Do you think that this is her view as she tells the story or her view when she was younger?

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cmcqueeney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the observation that Atticus was feeble reflects Scout's childhood perception.  Children tend to see things in an exaggerated perspective.  The fact that Atticus can easily shoot the mad dog, face a lynch mob unarmed and single handed, and clearly ascertain the truth in the courtroom (regardless of the outcome) proves that he was not actually feeble as Scout believes.  Scout and Jem are young and active - to them, their father's habit of sitting and reading the paper and his occupation as a lawyer make him seem so much older than they are, but it is merely their childish perception.

bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is definitely Scout's opinion when she was younger. She and Jem wished Atticus was younger at the beginning of the story and wanted him to do things with them like other dads. Atticus was older than the other dads, and he didn't seem very exciting to the kids. When Atticus shot the rabid dog, however, the children found out that Atticus had been an excellent shot when he was younger, and they had new respect for Atticus as a father. You know that Scout as the older narrator looks back on her father with great love and respect for the kind of man and father he was.


amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an observation as a young child.  Scout sees Atticus aging before her eyes--especially during the Tom Robinson trial--but she only sees him as feeble in her earlier years.  Later, she recognizes that he is "older" than most other dads, but she does not see him as feeble.  Scout and Jem both recognize the strength in Atticus and the respect he commands of those around him.  Little things like the mad dog and the way he handles himself in front of the mob at the jail make them realize how strong their father is regardless of physical age.

nykiarichardson | Student
Scout says Atticus was feeble.

Scout says Atticus was feeble. Do you think that this is her view as she tells the story or her view when she was younger?

I definitely believe this occured when she was younger. Somethings you can just tell because it has more of a juvenile tone to it than it does a more mature tone. And with me still being in a child's stage (although a teenager) i still can differentiate the thoughts of a child in contrast to the thoughts of an adult.

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