Scout decides to keep her costume on while walking home. How does this affect her understanding of what happens on the way home?Chapter 28

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Scout really didn't have much of a view of what happened in the climactic scene of Harper Lee's novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Her ham costume was quite burdensome.

Mrs. Crenshaw, the local seamstress... took some chicken wire and bent it into the shape of a cured ham. This she covered with brown cloth and painted it... It came almost to my knees... I looked exactly like a ham with legs... (but) once inside, I could not get out of it alone.

Scout could not, at first, hear the sound that Jem heard behind them on their way home from the Halloween pageant. She could tell that whoever it was "shuffled and dragged his feet," and then he began to run. Jem ordered Scout to run, too, but she could not balance herself in the bulky costume. Between the darkness and the costume, Scout could see nothing. She felt her costume being crushed, and then Jem grabbed her and tried to run once more. Finally, the two were separated. Scout feels a "flabby male stomach... but his arms were like steel." Slowly being choked, the man suddenly was "jerked backwards and flung on the ground."

Scout blindly made her way home without having seen a thing. Her ham costume had probably saved her life, but she thought that Jem might be dead. Only afterward does she realize that there were four people involved, and one of them was Boo Radley.



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This affects her understanding because she could not see or hear as well as Jem could. The costume she wore made her be off balance as well so when the attacker (bob ewell) was chasing them and Jem and Scout tried to run she lost her balance and rolled away not able to see what was going on, but she heard noises and jem screamed (thats when he broke his arm) so she couldnt really understand what was going on

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Scout could not, at first, hear the sound that Jem heard behind them on their way home from the Halloween pageant.

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