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Scientists have studied learning and memory for many years. Ivan Pavlov is particularly well known for his theories on conditional coding. Classical conditioning focuses on creating associations between meaningful objects or ideas and a desired response. Consider how marketers have attempted to use classical conditioning in their advertising. Examine print or television advertisements. Respond to the questions below. The name of the product being advertised. A description of the advertisement. An explanation of how the ad utilizes conditional coding. A discussion of whether or not the advertiser is using conditional coding properly. Comments on how the advertiser might better use classical conditioning to market to the target audience.

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The name of the product being advertised in the sample advertisement I watched is Old Spice Men's Body Wash. The advertisement uses magical realism, humor and physical appeal--appeal of person, place and possessions--to present compelling reasons for women, their target audience, to make their men switch to a man's body wash. The ad is driven by the unspoken assumptions that women do the shopping for their men and that the household uses one brand of shower body wash. In the ad, a popular male sports figure, half stripped, stands in front of an open shower holding Old Spice Men's Body Wash.

A description of the advertisement.
The sports figure hunk draws the target woman's attention to the unfavorable comparison between "your man" and "me": "Look at your man, now look at me" so he can condition her on the virtues of Old Spice. Magical realism takes him and viewers to a yacht where he is magically dressed in pastel casual clothes. Another change has diamonds dripping from his hand and yet...

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