Scientists who dig and search for artifacts are called ....?

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I think you are talking about archaeologists.  These are scientists who study human societies from the past by finding and restoring cultural artifacts the society left behind.  This can include finding mummies by digging up tombs in ancient Egyptian pyramids or uncovering gold in shipwrecks under the sea.  Their goal is to understand the historical and cultural pasts of these societies.  Through their study, they hope to shed light on who we are, where we come from, and perhaps where we are headed.  Sometimes even the smallest artifact will give archaeologists clues to the human condition in times past.  The famous movie character Indiana Jones was an archaeologist traveling all over the world digging up precious artifacts.  Although most archaeologists don't live the life depicted by Indiana Jones, to become an archaeologist, you need a keen understanding of history, cultural, past civilizations, and a lot of education. You also have to like to dig! I wonder what archaeologists of the future will think of the millions of cell phones they will probably dig up in years to come!

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