Science Jobs What is the best science career in the world. I need it for my project in science.

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One way to narrow things down a bit would be to answer a series of simple questions like these:

1) Do you prefer to be outdoors a lot or would you rather stay inside?

2) Are you good at math, or do you dislike numbers?

3) Would you rather spend your day with a group of people, or alone?

4) Do you want to get rich even if it means not loving your job, or is it OK to make an average living doing things you like to do?

5) Does 4 years of college seem like plenty, or would you be OK with going for a longer time?

Some things to consider regarding your answers to these questions: If you like the indoors, you should consider a lab, teaching, or research career. If you dislike math, research may not be your best choice, and you definitely shouldn't go into physics, chemistry, or astronomy. Only a very few science careers are likely to make you rich (although they have other compensations.) And many science careers require more than a four-year college education.


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Totally agree wth Post #2.  You have to go with what would interest you.  You might think that the perfect science career was one in which you study the changes to a marine ecosystem over the years.  I've seen people who specialize in that kind of thing on documentaries.  Or you might want to work on predicting earthquakes so that you could help us be better prepared and less hard hit by them.  There are thousands of careers, each with its own ups and downs.

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I think that inventing cures or medicines to treat common ailments would be the best science career.  You will be working every day to save lives.  You might save the life of someone you love, or even save your own.

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There are as many answers to this question as there are people to answer it!  There are SO MANY possible careers!  If you need to determine what kind of career you would choose for yourself for the project then you should think about what interests you and what is important to you.  Do you want to help others?  Do you have an interest in the human body?  Do you like to build things? What are you curious about?  There are all kind of different careers even within a field  For example, if you are interested in the human body you could want to go into medicine, but you could be a doctor, a drug-maker, a pharmacist, a therapist, a pyschologist, a forensic pathologist etc.  I would say that ultimately, the best career is the one you love.

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