science has made man's life quite comfortable.. comment?? advantages and disadvantage of science or how we are using science in an improper way...

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This should be moved to the Science Discussion Forum. There are a multitude of examples that could be cited in response to this statement!

One obvious way in which science has improved the lifestyle of much of humanity is the advance in medical science. Life expectancies are longer and people are able to enjoy active lifestyles during those longer lives thanks to immunizations against diseases and treatments for injuries and illnesses that were not treatable in years past. The reduction in the frequency of polio, tetnaus, and some types of cancer are certainly examples of ways in which science has improved the quality of life for humanity.

Of course, one of the challenges of this expansion of medical science is financing the care-unequal access to health care due to inability to pay for insurance or care is a huge question that becomes more problematic with every effective but expensive new drug or treatment.

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