science experimentsWhat can be the interesting science experiments that can be performed in a science exhibition by a high school student? could you please explain the procedure  too.

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The procedure you need to follow is the scientific method. Ask a question or state a problem you want answered. Then, do research about what is known on the topic. Formulate a hypothesis--a possible answer to your question. Design and perform a controlled experiment. Do data analysis and come up with conclusions. Share out your findings. What about something to do with obesity in young people? That is a very important issue these days.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I think you should find something that will have an impact on teens. For example, I have heard of people making batteries out of lemons or solar batteries. Why not design a new cell phone charger that works off solar, for when you don't have a power outlet?
astrosonuthird | Student

my one is very easy to make, still you can log on to


astrosonuthird | Student


Which grade do you read in?

You can make many things in your science exhibition -

I have made millions of them -

If this is your first experiment, build a wind mill that can generate electricity -

The steps are -

Get a propeller and make a stand to fix in propeller.

After fixing the propeller in the stand -

Attach a motor to the propeller -

You don't have to bring a battery -

Now, attach the two terminals of a LED bulb to the two terminals of the motor.

Your device is almost ready -

Bring a small table fan -

It is done -

Take your device in the exhibition hall,

Place your wind mill face to face to the table fan, now you "on" the fan.

Mission Accomplished -

Your propeller will rotate and the LED bulb will glow -

This is wind energy converted in to rotational energy and rotational energy is converted into electrical energy!!

 Thank You