Are schools doing enough stop bullying?I need help to write and introduction for it and what to write. Can some one help?

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The first question you must answer for yourself is whether YOU believe that schools are doing enough to stop bullying. The old view of bullying was that it couldn't be stopped and "kids were just being kids."  Now, with student suicides escalating, the attitude is changing. Do you believe that bullying is ok and that schools are doing enough?  Take a yes or no stance here about whether schools are doing enough.  Should students who bully be prosecuted?  What procedures or policies should schools put in place? This is a key question and one which speaks directly to your question.  Do schools have the right or duty to stop cyber bullying such as Facebook?   Pick out three main points for the body of your paper and then write your introduction to show your opinion as to whether schools are currently doing enough to stop bullying.This question is a hot topic in Minnesota as the largest school district in the state has been sued over this and other issues surrounding this question. Think about your own school and what you see and hear in the halls and classrooms.  Use those examples and research on the topic to show what is happening to help prove your opinion.

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