What are some reasons why schools should not abolish their policy of having students wear uniforms?

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There are a number of reasons that can be offered to argue that students in schools should continue to wear uniforms.  Let us look at a few of them.

First, we can argue that school uniforms give students the idea that what they are doing is very serious.  Putting on the uniform emphasizes to them that school is something that is very different from everyday life.  It emphasizes that they are going to school in order to learn.

Second, we can argue that school uniforms help people to concentrate on their studies.  Since everyone is wearing the same thing, and since those uniforms will presumably be relatively conservative, people will be less distracted by one another’s clothing.  Boys will be less likely to be distracted by what girls are wearing, for example.

Finally, we can argue that school uniforms deemphasize the ways in which the various students differ from one another.  When everyone is wearing the same thing, poorer kids do not have to feel inferior because they cannot afford the nicest and most stylish clothes.   Kids do not have to worry about what clique their clothing will put them into.  They can just be like everyone else and not have to worry about differences in clothing.


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