SCHOOL TIESdescribe the personalities of the main characters.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The fundamental premise of the film is the clash between cultures.  In this case, it is the established insiders and the proverbial "outsider" who has to battle through adversity in order to achieve their share of a dream.  David Greene is the outsider.  He is Jewish in an all White, Anglo- Saxon, and Protestant environment.  Taking place in the setting of the 1950s prep school, David is a hard working and authentic student who is talented at football.  His father encourages him to endure the challenges posed to him by being both Jewish and middle class as a way to get into Harvard.  The religious division between David and his teammates is most exacerbated by Dillon, who represents the ultimate insider.  In contrast to David' hard work and authenticity, Dillon is wealthy, extremely privileged, and jealous of David's natural talent.  Both of these forces end up competing for supremacy until the end, when David is redeemed by the his colleagues and Dillon is expelled from the school.

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