In The School Story, the author says that Natalie felt like a spy in her mother's office. Why might Natalie feel this way about herself?

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Natalie Nelson is attempting to sneak a manuscript that she wrote into her mother’s office using false pretenses. This is the reason she feels like a spy in the office she has visited many times. Natalie’s mother Hannah, an editor at Shipley Junior Books, is being pressured by her superior to find a school story that is destined to become a bestseller. Natalie’s friend Zoe thinks that the manuscript written by Natalie fits the description perfectly. The girls cook up a way to sneak the manuscript into Hannah’s office by pretending that it arrived at the Nelson’s home. They address the envelope appropriately and Natalie is able to get past the reception desk at Shipley. She snakes her way through the desks feeling like a spy and delivers the manuscript to her mother. The shenanigans continue when the boss sees the package and tells Hannah to read it over the weekend, and the girls continue to conspire secretly.

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