Act IV Scene III with Cassius shows a harsh Brutus. What kind of Brutus appears with Lucius and the guards in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act IV Scene III, Brutus is concerned with his guards lack of sleep. He orders that they sleep on cushions in his tent.

Brutus is gentle with his guards. He is concerned about their welfare. He realizes that they are extremely worn from watching over his tent.

This side of Brutus reveals that he is a caring leader. He puts his men's condition before his own.

No doubt, all the men are weary and extremely tired. Brutus notices that his guard is drowsy seeming. That is when he insists they take their rest and get some sleep.

Brutus. Farewell, every one.

Give me the gown. Where is thy instrument? Lucius. Here in the tent. Brutus. What, thou speak’st drowsily? Poor knave, I blame thee not; thou art o’erwatched. 240 Call Claudius and some other of my men; I’ll have them sleep on cushions in my tent. Lucius. Varro and Claudius! Here it is evident that Brutus is very concerned about the welfare of his men. The reader sees a very tender, caring leader.



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