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Scene 3 At the beginning of the scene, Amanda is speaking to Ida Scott on the telephone. Examine the details of her speech. The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Willaims

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After learning that Laura has not been going to Rubicam's Business College, in Scene 3 of The Glass Menagerie, Amanda is convinced that Laura needs to be married.  So, getting a gentleman caller for Laura takes precedence in Amanda's mind.  In order to redecorate the apartment, Laura's mother takes a job selling subscriptions to The Home-maker's Companion. a magazine that has "serialized sublimations," as Tom narrates. 

When Amanda calls Ida Scott in order to get her to renew her subscription to the magazine, she first acts as though the woman means much to her personally:  "We missed you at the D.A.R. [Daughters of the American Revolution]"  Then she speaks in exclamatory tones, asking about Ida's sinus condition.  It is with hyperbole that Amanda tells Ida she is "a Christian matryr."  After this show of personal concern, Amanda launches into her sales pitch, telling Mrs. Scott that her subscription is going to run out just when Bessie Mae Hopper's story is off to an exciting start.  But, Mrs. Scott pretends that something is on her stove and hangs up on Amanda.  Nevertheless, Amanda must persevere--unlike Laura--as she is able to add some new touches to the apartment. 

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