In scene 2. What insight do we get in Laura's character based on her experiences at school?

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In The Glass Menagerie, we learn that Laura is introverted. Amanda thinks she is attending school, but in reality, she is not. Laura has been visiting the zoo and watching movies during class time. She plans to keep her secret to herself, but Amanda, Laura's mother, stops by the business college one day. Amanda learns that Laura only attended school the first few days. Since that time, she has been absent from her business college classes.

From this information, we learn that Laura is withdrawn from society. She has isolated herself from her classmates. She is desperately introverted. She has such low self esteem. When her mother insists that she marry now instead of attending college, Laura brings up the fact that she is crippled. Laura reminds her mother that she is not as popular as her mother once was.

Instead of attending college, Laura has been busying herself in other ways. Often, she finds herself home polishing her glass figurines. She is extremely shy and does not interact with others, especially with people she does not know personally:

She is extremely shy, even emotionally disturbed, and she wears a brace on her leg which makes her feel conspicuous. Her collection of glass animals gives the play its title. She does not work, and she has been unable to complete a typing class because of her nervousness. Although she says she had once liked a boy in high school, she has never had and is unlikely to have any kind of romantic relationship.

Amanda is worried that Laura will become an old maid. No doubt, Laura will remain single for she is too nervous to interact with others.

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