In Scene 2, Macbeth actually kills Duncan. List in chronological order the seven events that take place the evening of the murder. 

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huntress eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a bit like trying to divide up the "ten commandments," but here goes...

Act II:

1. Banquo and Fleance are awake past midnight and bump into Macbeth, so they know he is awake and roaming the castle at an unusual hour. 

2. Macbeth kills Duncan. 

3. Lady Macbeth kills the grooms. 

4. Lennox and Macduff call early to meet the king and find him dead. 

5. Macbeth "confesses" to having killing the grooms when he found the kind dead (which doesn't make sense, considering he pretended to be unaware of Malcolm's murder until Macduff found him, after which Macbeth wouldn't have had the chance to kill the grooms). 

6. Malcolm and Donalbain run away, fearing they will be murdered next. 

7. Macbeth is crowned king.