In scene 2, how does Shakespeare's writing of Richard's manipulation of Anne add interest to the play?

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goreadabook eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The way Richard manipulates Lady Anne helps us to see what type of person Richard is and just how capable he is of attaining whatever it is he wants.  There is no compassion, no love, and no understanding to his character and we see this clearly as Richard tries to woo the newly widowed Lady Anne.  This sociopathic behavior causes the reader to develop a strong interest in both the character and what will pan out as we move through the play.  The fact that he is so convincing is truly terrifying.  Readers are drawn to complicated characters and complicated characters often create complicated and interesting plots.  This scene gives us a taste of what Richard is like and allows us to make predictions and develop ideas about what is to come.  We also see from this scene that women during this time were easily manipulated and didn't have a strong voice.  They were viewed almost as objects to be used and controlled by men.  This lack of control is an underlying theme of the play as we watch Richard cling so tightly to his role that it slips right through his fingers.

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