In scene 1 of "Antigone", why does Creon become angry with the chorus?

In scene 1 of "Antigone", why does Creon become angry with the chorus?

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First a little background. The earlier king, Oedipus, said that after his death his two sons should take turns being king -- alternating year by year. The first son to serve wouldn't step down after a year, and the other son fought to gain the throne. The two brothers killed each other. Creon -- their uncle -- has now become king and has ordered that the first son should be buried with all the honors, and that the second son's corpse must be left unburied for the birds to eat. He feels that the second son was a traitor by coming to burn the city.

At the beginning of the play, Creon learns that someone has spread earth over the corpse to bury it, but at that point no one knows who. The Leader of the Chorus suggests that it might have been the work of the Gods. Creon responds angrily that the Gods would never honor a wicked person who had come to burn their temples. Instead, he is convinced, someone was bribed to do it.

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