If Brother were a season, he would be _______________ because _________________________.

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price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Because the main conflict of the story Brother is telling about his brother, Doodle, takes place in the autumn season, perhaps it best represents Brother’s time period in his life when he is reflecting on the past.  The seasons often have symbolic meaning.  Spring is symbolic of your childhood; summer is symbolic of your youth or teen years; autumn is symbolic of middle age; and, winter is symbolic of old age.  Because the story is a flashback on Brother’s childhood when he is an older man, Brother is, in some way, trying to reflect on an earlier time of his life.  He is looking back at his childhood and recounting his guilt and pride in his relationship with Doodle.  A person’s middle age is a time of reflection where, hopefully, one has gained wisdom and understanding about one’s life.  It is often in this time of life when one tries to reconcile the past with the present, and through that, finds peace or a deeper understanding of guilt about the past.  Brother is trying to understand his actions, and I believe through the use of flashback by Hurst, it shows he is in a more adult stage in his life, perhaps a middle aged man. In this sense, Brother is representative of the autumn season.

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