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A saturated solution of KClO3 (s) was made with 300 grams of water at 40 degrees Celsius. How much KClO3 (s) could be recovered if the solution was evaporated to dryness? 0 degrees Celsius - 5 g/100 mL 10 degrees Celsius - 6 g/100 mL 20 degree Celsius - 9 g/100 mL 30 degree Celsius - 12 g/100 mL 40 degrees Celsius - 18 g/100 mL ^ Quantity of solute needed to make a saturated solution in 100 grams of water at that temperature. PLEASE HELP!

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If we make a saturated solution, then the maximum amount of solute is dissolved in it and no more.  Any additional solute added will result in precipitation of the solute. 

If we have a solution at 40 degC, then...

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