Sarkozy bouscule l`eritage, ecrire une lettre de lecteur, 150 mots, Mai 68.May 1968

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West of Paris, on March 22, 1968, a group of students took over the University of Nanterre.  This provided an ingredient needed to begin a confrontation between the students and the college.   The conflict changed from “student rights to a revolution. In the weeks to come, students, and workers would take to the streets in demonstrations against state power. “By May 1968, unrest had spread to Paris with the discontent centered around the historic Sorbonne University.  These people were serious! By May 13, there was a strike with millions of protesters on the streets. The protesters, besides going on strike, set fire to the Paris Stock Exchange. On Thursday, May 31 De Gaulle wouldn’t budge.  He did have to hide and considered abandoning his position.  "After being assured that he had sufficient loyal military units mobilized to back him if push came to shove, he went on the radio to announce the dissolution of the National Assembly, with elections to follow on 23 June."  He ordered workers to return to work, threatening to institute a state of emergency if they did not.  By June 5, 1968 most workers gradually returned to work or were thrown out by the police. The national student union called off street demonstrations. "The government banned a number of leftist organizations and by June 6, 1968 police took back the Sorbonne. de Gaulle triumphed in the legislative elections held later in June, and the crisis came to an end."