Sarah, Plain and Tall

by Patricia MacLachlan

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What are some of the true facts in Sarah, Plain and Tall?

Expert Answers

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I am assuming that you mean true historical facts.  Sarah, Plain and Tall is a well-researched historical fiction novel.  It contains a wealth of accurate historical information about the period.  Anna and Caleb's mother died shortly after the latter was born.  With limited medical assistance, the mortality rate of mother's during and after birth was much higher during that time than it is now.  Sarah came to stay with the family after Anna and Caleb's Papa placed an ad in a newspaper. Because the western part of the United States was populated more by men than women at this time, "mail order brides" sometimes traveled from the east coast to marry.  Near the end of the story, a bad storm blew in.  The family, who lives on a farm, gathered their animals and put them in the barn for protection.  The lives of farmers could drastically change due to bad weather and they needed to protect their crops and livestock.

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