Sarah, Plain and Tall Questions and Answers
by Patricia MacLachlan

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In Sarah, Plain and Tall, how does Papa feel about Sarah and how do you know?

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At first Papa is shy around Sarah.  Overall, Papa seems pleased with Sarah.  She pulls her weight around the farm and she is kind to the children.  She is pleasant to be around.  A turning point is when Papa shows Sarah their "dunes" (mounds of hay) near the barn.  Papa, Sarah, and the children slide down the hay together.  As the story continues, Papa appreciates how willing Sarah is to help him with the work around the farm.  He appears impressed by her willingness and work ethic.  Occasionally he seems frustrated with her independent spirit (when she goes to town by herself, he sighs and states that she likes to do things her own way).  When the group is huddled in the barn during a squall, Sarah and Papa share a moment of tenderness.  Papa puts his arm around Sarah and rests his face in her hair.

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