In Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, how does Santiago's journey change after his money gets stolen in Tangier?

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Santiago had just set foot in Tangier with the money that he had obtained from selling the rest of his sheep in Spain for the trip to the pyramids in Egypt. He is young and naive about the tricks of thieves because he had been a shepherd who dealt with sheep and not men on a daily basis. He goes from energetic and excited about his journey to feeling used and victimized. He most certainly is disheartened; however, he decides not to be a victim for long and consults the Urim and Thummim, which he said he'd only do in case of an emergency. He shows his courage and strength, though, by just asking the rocks if the King's blessing is still upon him. When the answer is "Yes," he continues on his journey even though he seems blind to the path ahead of him. He does, however, desire to return to Spain, get his sheep back and resume his old life. Little did he know that the omens would lead him on a detour.


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