The Late Twentieth Century: 1960-2000 - Short Fiction Questions and Answers

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In "Sandpiper" by Adhaf Soueif, what are the themes?

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One of the overall themes of this excellent short story is that of cultural incompatibility. The narrator, as a European white woman, reflects on the way that she has never fitted in to Egyptian society, even though she has married an Egyptian man, and as a result, she is left isolated and on the fringes of this culture. The reminiscences of the narrator when she first started her married life in Egypt are full of examples...

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one of the theme is love.As we see in the story that a woman migrates to egypt from europe only for her daughter.Although she could not adjust herself in the environment of egypt and felt very lonely and isolated there but she tried to accustomed to the life of cairo as she lived her daughter very much.

Secondly,her love for her husband and her ealtionship with him is also very significant for her.As in the story she saw her grave in an aeroplane and the major thoughts that came in her mind was his name so after this incident she decided to marry him

Similarly,perspective is also another major theme.In the last paragraph of the story she wants her husband to care for her feelings and for her emotions as the water waves cares for the sand.An evident form the story is "the white foam knows nothing better than thosw sands which wait for it,rise to it and suck it in". Her way of looking at things has changed while everything else remains the same.