Samuels family is replacing the tile on their square shaped family room floor. The room measures 21 feet on each side. How many tile are needed?

Expert Answers
baxthum8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The room is a square that is 21 feet by 21 feet.

Therefore, there are 441 square feet.  You will need enough tile to cover 441 square feet.

samjudd14 | Student

The square room is 21 x 21 feet, equaling 441 square feet. The number of tile needed will differ based on the size of the tile. To find the number of tile needed, simply, divide 441 by the square footage of each tile. For example, if each tile is 2 X 2 (4 square feet), then divide 441 by 4. In this case it would take 110.25 or 111 tiles.

laurto | Student

The room is 21 feet by 21 feet and that means the room is 441 ft squared. The amount of tiles needed depends on the size of the tile. To find the amount of tiles needed, all you have to do is 

441 square feet/ the size (in square feet, of course) 

atyourservice | Student

the room is 21 by 21 so just multiply those 2 numbers 

`21xx21=441` so you will need 441 tile if the tile is `1xx1`