Globalization and Technological Advancements

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What are some distinct factors promoting the revival of minority languages in the face of globalization? (lesser-used minority languages include Welsh, Basque, and Inuktitut)

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The first response includes factors that are of great importance, but I would like to add a few more and comment on nationalism, too. 

I think that one reason for the effort to save these almost lost languages is, to some degree, the result of the same sort of understanding we are coming to  about endangered species.  The analogy is not precise, but I think it is worthy of mention.  We now know that when a species of fauna or flora is lost, an entire ecosystem is disrupted and harmed, something that is bad not only for the plant and animal kingdom, but for us, too, since we are part of the ecosystem, even though we do not like to think of ourselves that way. There are unintended consequences that are never good.  With that understanding, the same sort of thinking is being applied to languages.  Each is a part of the history and system of languages, and when we lose one, there are bound to be consequences that affect us somehow, even if we do not know what they all will be.  So, it...

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