Is Sam Westing Julian in "The Westing Game"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sam Westing is indeed Julian R. Eastman.  He is also Barney Northrup, the man who rented the apartments at Sunset Towers, and Sandy McSouthers, the doorman.  Curiously, Sam Westing is not even really Sam Westing.  He was originally Windy Windkloppel, the son of poor immigrants, who started a paper company when he came to America and made a fortune.

Sam Westing was many people.  He was "a happy man who played games...a sad man whose daughter killed herself...a lonely man who moved to a faraway island...a sick man who returned home to see his friends and relatives before he died".  Sam Westing had two passions - Fourth of July pageants (complete with fireworks), and clever disguises.  After he was supposedly killed in a car accident, he came back as one of his heirs, as well as a number of others.

It is interesting to note the aliases that Sam Westing, or Windy Windkloppel, assumed for himself.  Each name indicates a different point of the compass - Barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers, Julian Eastman, and Sam Westing.  It is Turtle who finally solves the mystery of his many identities, realizing that the fourth alias is Julian Eastman (Chapter 26).

In devising the Westing Game, Sam Westing brings together sixteen very different individuals, carefully pairing each with a partner.  Through their interaction with each other and by participating in the game, each character gains something very important that was lacking in their lives.