Midnight's Children

by Salman Rushdie

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Salman Rushdie's "Midnight's Children" reflects the socio- economic and political relationships. Elaborate with reference to theoretical positions.

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There is going to be much in way of specifics needed in answering the question.  Simply put, I think that it is too broad of a question given the work.  There are distinct social, economic, and political relationships that are shown in the book in many divergent lights.  Specifying would allow a more focused answer to emerge.  I think that there is one set of these values present in the Pre- Partition India that Saleem describes, and another set that emerge in the India of Midnight, of Partition.  Along these lines, the reader begins to understand the role of a form of economy that is more government driven and socialist in nature, and a form of government that vacillates between democratic and autocratic.  Identifying which particular relationships need to be analyzed and, more importantly, where in the book- India or Pakistan- might allow for a more detailed and thorough exploration of the prompt.

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