Is the sacrifice worth it?The society is productive and safe but freedom and individuality are sacrificed in order to acheive the kind of society. is the sacrifice worth it?

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This seems to be the biggest question in any work of dystopian literature. Yes, certainly, the restriction of freedoms do seem to give definite bonuses or benefits with regard to reduced violence and safety, but these advantages only come with definite negatives. The message of these novels seem to be that "happiness" in these terms only comes by limiting human freedom and also reducing humanity so that the people inhabiting these worlds are not really living life at all - rather a debased form of it.

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I would say that the message of the book seems to be that the sacrifice is almost, but not quite, worth it. The author shows that there are positives in this "brave new world" but that overall the human spirit needs to be free, that chemical happiness is no substitute for the real thing, and that struggle and pain, when it leads to better things, is worth it.