In The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel, what can Christians learn that can deepen their own faith and inform their theological understanding of the Old Testament from this classic example of Jewish theology?

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In The Sabbath, Abraham Joshua Heschel expounds on the Old Testament teaching of keeping the Sabbath, the Seventh Day, as one of holiness of time and thought. He reflects on the Sabbath as a gift of time that both Jews and Christians should savor. He argues that there is a special relationship between time and holiness that many Christians have given up as they ignore the Fourth Commandment of keeping holy the Sabbath. He teaches that once you understand the structures of time that are related to the Sabbath, that holy time actually sets you free from the contractures of space; instead one is able to build “cathedrals of time.”

He also avows that on the Seventh Day, a miracle of the soul occurs if that Sabbath Day is kept holy. The Sabbath was made holy by God, not by man, and it is He who tells people to use it as a day of holiness and introspection.

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