In The Great Gatsby, does the author seem to punish any of the female characters for being a bad person?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Great Gatsby, the female characters are arguably despicable people because they treat others with little regard.  As a result, all are punished to a greater or lesser extent.  For example, Daisy runs through Gatsby and toys with his feelings throughout the entire story.  In the end, she leaves with Tom which in itself is punishment because Tom has already had affairs with other women (and will presumably continue), so a life with him brings little joy.  Jordan has remained cold throughout the story, and she too is criticized for being less than honest in her golfing.  Finally, Myrtle has dishonored her marriage to Wilson and has shunned him for not being rich--her death is her punishment.  Fitzgerald seems to punish these characters for falling prey to prejudice and disregarding humanity and common decency.

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