Who are the characters in "Another April"?

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The main characters in “Another April” are the narrator, Mom, and Grandpa.  There is also an old turtle.

The narrator is young, but we do not know how old he or she is.  We do know that the child is less than eleven, because Grandpa came before he was born.  The child is also young enough not to realize that Grandpa is old and sick.

I started to laugh, too. He thought I was laughing at his words and he was pleased. But I was laughing at his clothes.

The child does not realize that Grandpa is old and sick.  He just thinks they are both playing a game.

Mom is worried about Grandpa.  She says that he is 91, and came to live with them when he was strong enough to cut down trees.

"He used to be a powerful man," Mom said. "He could cut down trees. No man could cut down more trees than Grandpa. He could lift the heaviest tree in the woods."

Mom does not let Grandpa go out of the house any more.  He is able to go out this April, but she is worried he will fall.  She bundles him up as well as she can, and watches him sadly.  Yet she understands how important it is for him to see his animal friends again, so she lets him go.

Mom is also concerned about the young narrator, because she answers questions but does not give extra details.

Finally, there is the turtle.  The turtle is very old, and lives under the barn.  Although he does not come out for the narrator, he comes out to see Grandpa and allows him to touch him.

The turtle turned his face to one side. He was trying to talk to Grandpa. Perhaps the turtle could understand what Grandpa was saying.

The turtle has the number 1847 cut into his shell, but he might be even older than that.  He likes to eat the tomatoes in the garden.

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