What do you think about the state of the Russian political system as shown in the article below?To view the entire article, go to...

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Although the situation in Russia is very sad and worrisome, it is not terribly surprising.  Russia has no tradition or history of democracy and it is not at all surprising that they have fallen back on authoritarian government.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin and his people have been taking more and more power for themselves.  It is sad that things have gotten to the point where the ruling party dictates who can run against them and how much of the vote they can get.  Worse yet, the violence against dissenters in Russia is increasing.  This is a very bad thing for the people in Russia.

However, it's not surprising.  Democracy and freedom are habits built up over long periods of time.  Russia has had essentially no time in which to build up such habits.  They are used to having authoritarian government and they seem to be reverting to that system.