In the rumble, how did the gang shield ponyboy from worst of the danger in The Outsiders?

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In the novel, the gang shielded Ponyboy from the worst of the danger in the rumble by always keeping an eye out on what was happening with him. Even though the other Greasers were fighting Socs, they always kept one eye on Ponyboy, making sure he was okay. One instance of this can be seen in Dally's determination to be present at the fight. As soon as the rumble begins, Dally is immediately by Ponyboy's side as they each battle a Soc. Dally's there just in case Ponyboy can't handle the Soc he is fighting with. Another instance occurs when Ponyboy fights the Soc who is bigger than him. This Soc had Ponyboy pinned to the ground and was beating him up pretty badly. Darry noticed this and came to his aid. He pulled the Soc off of Ponyboy and knocked him out.

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