In Chapter 9 of The Outsiders, how are the winners of the rumble determined?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

During the rumble in Chapter 9 between the Greasers and Socs, Ponyboy gets kicked in the head and suffers a concussion. Shortly after getting kicked in the head, Ponyboy hears someone yelling, "They're running!...Look at the dirty—run!" (Hinton, 123). Ponyboy sits up and sees the Socs getting into their cars to speed away. As Pony looks around at the scene of the brawl, he can see several Brumly boys beating up a Soc, Steve laying doubled on the ground, and Two-Bit bleeding from his face. Darry then announces that they won the rumble and beat the Socs. Apparently, the winners of the rumble are determined by which gang runs away first. Despite the fact that members of both gangs are seriously injured, the Greasers win the rumble because they did not retreat from the scene of the fight and were the last ones standing.

sy4y | Student

they are determined by whichever group--the socs or the greasers-- run away, in which this case, the greasers win.

ridgeteacher | Student

This winners of the rumble were determined by who ran first.  It is true that a member of Tim Shepard's gang did break the rules but that was not a determining factor.  The point of a rumble was to show who was toughest, who could take more.  By running, the opposing gang was admitting defeat.

dragonoid | Student

The winners were determined when one group ran away.

The greasers ended up winning when a member of Tim Shepard's gang uses a metal pipe, which was against the rules.