Is the rule in chapter 15 of the novel Bud, Not Buddy meant to help Bud survive or thrive throughout the novel?  

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There are two rules mentioned in chapter 15 of Bud, Not Buddy. The first is as follows:

Rules and Things number 547, or something, that was the one about when a adult tells you, “Don’t Worry.”

This is in reference to Miss Thomas telling Bud that the girl whose room Bud is sleeping in is gone. She tells him not to worry that the girl will come back. Bud thinks when an adult tells you not to worry about something, it means you should probably worry more. This is a rule of survival. Bud has developed these rules as a means to survive in an often chaotic world, where he is alone. He doesn’t trust adults, and the one he did trust is dead.

This brings us to the next rule mentioned:

Gone = dead!

When Miss Thomas tells Bud that the little girl is gone, Bud assumes she means that the girl is dead, because to Bud, when someone is "gone," they are often dead. This is also a survival rule. Bud has learned not to expect people (like his mother) to come back. Now he knows...

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