"Rubashov is despicable for having acquiesced to the judgment of the court by acknowledging his guilt." Why would someone say this? Explain this quote from Darkness at Noon.  

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Rubashov is a figure who represents the Old Guard of the Bolsheviks, those who were regarded as having had "pure" motives in the Russian Revolution of 1917. As such he is a hero to those who believed in the principles of the Revolution and its championing of the working class. During the actual purge trials of the late 1930's under Stalin, it was a shock to people on the left that many of these Old Guard members were arrested, forced to sign false confessions, and executed. Many of their admirers regarded them as weak for folding under duress and admitting to crimes they had never committed. Or conversely, those who believed the confessions became obviously disillusioned with men who had been regarded as heroes to the cause of Communism. The quote in your question expresses the first of these views: that Rubashov should not have caved in and admitted he was guilty of what were essentially false charges.

The ambiguity in the case of Rubashov is that he himself...

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