Royal Beatings by Alice Munro Can someone explain what is meant by this " How is a beating royal?she came up with a tree-lined avenue, a crowd of formal spectators, some white horses and black slaves. Someone knelt and the blood came leaping out like banner. " Page 1 from Royal Beatings: line 7-9

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In "Royal Beatings," the word "royal" has the connotation of first-rate, or the best. In the Oxford English Dictionary, royal is defined as "splendid, first-rate." When used as a modifier in English, as in "royal pain," the word "royal" means something more intense. For example, a "royal pain" refers to someone who is an intense pain.

In the case of a beating, which Flo promises to deliver to her stepdaughter, Rose, a "royal beating" refers to the best in the sense of being the harshest or most severe. Rose describes her father as the "king" of dispensing beatings. The word "royal" and the phrase "royal beatings" are used in an ironic sense in this story. That is because beatings...

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