Roy tries to avoid calling attention to himself while school is buzzing with talk of Dana's arrest.  Is this in keeping with Roy's character?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, it is consistent with Roy's character.  Roy is not a show boating kind of character.  He is not the class clown. He is not the captain of the football team.  He is not the prom king, and he is not the school bully.  Those are all roles that would call lots of attention to himself.  At the beginning of the novel he is a bit of loner character, because he is new to the school from Montana.  That's probably how he drew initial attention to himself--at least from Dana Matherson anyway.  Roy doesn't exactly ingratiate himself to Beatrice at first either.  But as the novel moves on, Roy is able to make some friends.  The group is small but loyal.  As for the rest of his classmates, they like Roy enough to help him take a stand against the construction company from destroying the owl habitat.  Roy is just not the kind of character to brag about framing Dana for the construction site pranks.  First, it's not in line with his character.  Second, his frame job would fall apart if he bragged about it.