As Roy and Beatrice were getting ready to leave Roy's house, what did Beatrice mention they almost forgot?

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Beatrice tells Roy they almost forgot the ground beef

Beatrice and Roy visit Roy's house after school to get white adhesive medical tape, antibiotic ointment, and gauze. At the time, Roy is unaware of what the medical supplies are for. However, Roy soon discovers that the medical supplies are to treat Mullet Fingers' dog bite wound. In order for the two kids to leave Roy's house without suspicion, Beatrice lies to Mrs. Eberhardt, saying they are going to Beatrice's house to complete a messy science experiment. As the two are about to leave, Beatrice says she and Roy have forgotten something.

"Oh, wait - you know what we forgot?"

He had no clue what Beatrice was talking about. "No. What did we forget?"

"The ground beef," she said.

Beatrice continues to lie to Mrs. Eberhardt, saying the ground beef is for their science experiment on cell decay. In actuality, the ground beef is for Mullet Fingers to use to make meatballs to place around the owl burrows, so that the owls will come out of their holes to eat. 

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