If Rousseau were alive today, what would he say about the government of the United States?

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This is a provocative question. Rousseau is by far the most socialist of the Locke-Hobbes-Rousseau triumvirate. He would certainly have supported the "Occupy Wall Street" movement of 2011 that protested economic inequality. Rousseau is famous for his notion that the concept of private property was the seed of humanity's problems. Therefore, he would probably scoff at the idea of someone owning multiple houses while many own none. Rousseau was generally against things like vanity and conspicuous consumption and so would bemoan the growing inequality. He is an anti-elitist, and so would be skeptical of the advances in technology, as he was skeptical of the Enlightenment's growth of scientific thinking at (it seemed to him) the expense of morality.

Things of which Rousseau would approve would be the (forthcoming, we should hope) universal healthcare, the internet, and human rights laws (something that we too take for granted).

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