Is Rosa in the shawl the protagonist?

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Rosa is the protagonist in the story because most of the events revolve around her. She plays the role of the leading character who witnesses the murder of her infant child, Magda, by the Nazis during the holocaust. The story begins by describing Rosa’s suffering on a forced march during cold weather. She is on the march with her infant daughter and her niece, Stella, who at times takes care of Magda. They all arrive at camp and Magda begins to walk, but Rosa is forced to hide her from the German soldiers. On one fateful day Magda wanders outside the camp. Rosa attempts to get to Magda and return her to the safety of their barracks but unfortunately a German soldier gets to the child first. The soldier kills the baby by throwing her onto an electrified fence. Rosa, together with her niece, survives the holocaust but she is unable to move on and imagines Magda to be alive.