In "The Rope" Chapter of Kindred, what does Rufus want from Dana now that Alice is gone?

Expert Answers
lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rufus plans to have sex with Dana and make her take Alice's place. Dana is a descendant of Alice (and Rufus, for that matter) and she resembles Alice greatly. When this episode takes place, Alice has just hanged herself. She and Rufus have several children together, and Rufus has threatened to sell them as a means of controlling Alice. Instead, Alice kills herself. Rufus has lost the enslaved woman who is forced to have sex with him and bear his children. He now plans to replace Alice with Dana. He has also enslaved Dana when she is in the past, but by this time, Hagar, the child of Alice and Rufus who is Dana's ancestor, has been born. Until now, Dana has been carried into the past in order to ensure Rufus' survival. Now that Hagar has been born, Dana is free to stab Rufus in order to escape.