In A Room with a View, why is Italy the center of the story?

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Italy is at the center of A Room with a View because it forms an opposing force to England that acts on the heroine Lucy Honeychurch. In England, Lucy leads a conventional life, but, after traveling to Italy, her life begins to change. The first element of surprise is that she and her cousin Charlotte are not given a room with a view but are offered the opportunity to switch rooms with two other guests: George Emerson and his father, Mr. Emerson. This incident surprises them, but they do not realize that Italy will forever change the young and impressionable Lucy. She meets George Emerson and his father, who are both unconventional, and then she witnesses a fight that leads to death in a public square. The passion of what she sees around her, along with George's eventual declaration of his love for her, leave her forever changed. Italy is the force that causes her to begin to question her conventional English upbringing.

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