at room temperature, are alkine metals a gas, solid, or liquid

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At room temperatures, alkaline metals are known to be found solid and they have high melting points and high boiling points 

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they are solids

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They are all solid, however Francium is hypothesised to have a melting point of around 27 degrees Celsius, so it may be a liquid at room temperature. An interesting trend for Alkaline metals is that the melting/boiling point decreases down the group, so a future alkaline metals below Francium may be a liquid, however, they will be highly unstable and decay too quickly to be of much use anyway. This trend is because as you go down Group I, the distance between the negatively charged electrons and the positively charged protons increase due to additional larger outer shells, so less energy is needed to melt it and hence it has a lower melting point :)

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Solid, MOST metal elements are solid at Room Temp. The exceptions are Hg and Ga.

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