Ronald Frankz and McCandless establish a father-son type of relationship in Into the Wild. Identify one benefit or drawback that each gets out of the relationship.

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Franz and McCandless met in Salton City, California in 1992. Franz, who had lost his family in an automobile accident many years before, had unofficially adopted and cared for many orphaned or troubled youth in the past. Chris, who was living under a tarp in the desert, seemed like another lost soul for Franz to care for.

The two developed a father-son bond of sorts, but one that was not without its problems. In a way, the two men were emotionally damaged in complementary ways. Franz never fully got over the sudden death of his wife and child; his need to care for others was both an expression of his Christian faith and an attempt to fill a deep emotional hole. McCandless, for his part, loathed his father, in part because he had mislead Chris and his family about his "other" family, with his first wife, Marcia. Franz's honesty and empathy were a balm of sorts for Chris, who seemed to need a father figure he could trust.

The intimacy between the two men had drawbacks for each, however....

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