Is being a "fully realised individual" related to being a round, dynamic character?

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Yes, I believe the terms are similar.  So, is Romeo as dynamic character?  In the sense that he changes from a love-sick, depressed young man obsessed over someone who clearly does not return his affections into a love-sick, ELATED, happy young man in love with a young woman who feels the same way about him, yes, he is dynamic. Is Romeo a "round" character?  This term means that he is complex, as humans beings are.  In other words, does he appear to be a real person?  He is fickle, changeable in his emotions, as many young men can be.  He is a good friend to several, diverse young men which seems entirely realistic.  They certainly behave in a typical way on the way to the party.  They kid each other much like most teenage boys.  He has a temper when one of his friends (Mercutio) is victimized and seeks revenge.  That is a human response.  He seeks out the advice of a mentor rather than confide in his parents.  That, also, seems typical behavior.  So, although, Romeo may be  primarily a vehicle for Shakespeare's theme of the role of fate in tragedy, he is drawn carefully by the playwright to appear believable.  

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