In Romeo and Juliet, Act I, scene iv, lines 113-120, what literary technique is being used here?  Paraphrase the speech.

Expert Answers
Susan Woodward eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Shakespeare is using foreshadowing with Romeo's lines.  Romeo has had a dream which has led him to believe that crashing the Capulet party will set off a chain of events that will ultimately lead to his death.  He is fearful about going to the party, yet Mercutio convinces him that dreams are nothing more than visions placed in the mind by Queen Mab, the fairy of dreams.  Although Romeo still has misgivings, he is convinced to go to the party.  As foreshadowed by the dream, Romeo meets Juliet at the party, which leads to the unfortuante events that culminate in the death of the "star-crossed lovers".

To paraphrase Romeo:  "I am afraid because my mind believes that fate has something dreadful planned that will begin tonight, even though this is supposed to be a party we are going to, and that I will be the one to die an early death.  But since I cannot direct fate, I shall let it direct me... onward!"