in romeo and juliet, why does lady capulet think paris will make a good husband for Juliet ?    I want the answer to be like "Becuase he is..."

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Because he is the equivalent to 'a regular guy' but, even better, with money or status. In the play 'Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, the playwright constantly sets the County Paris alongside Romeo for us to compare the two. Yes, Paris is so conventional and polite that he even looks like a book! Yet his courtesy and old-fashioned approach also make him seem staid and frumpy--like an old man compared to the young, headstrong and dashing Romeo. However, he is well-connected and the two families stand together in the history of the city, so Lady Capulet thinks he is an appropriate suitor to a daughter from her family. Even Romeo  thinks there is nothing wrong with the County Paris as a man, but obviously not for his own sweetheart Juliet!

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