In "Romeo and Juliet" what is the mean of "I am sped"?We have to read romeo and juliet and this worksheet we have to do and im not sure what that mean!?!?! can anyone help???

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In Act 3, scene 3 of “Romeo and Juliet”, Mercutio is stabbed and killed by Tybalt.  After

Mercutio realizes that he is about to die, he says,

“I am hurt. / A plague o' both your houses! / I am sped. / Is he gone, and hath nothing?” (A. III, s. iii).

Therefore, he is talking about his death.  The word “sped” is the past tense of speed so he means that his life has sped past him and is now over.  So this line is telling the reader that he realizes that his young life has been brought to a bitter end and he is about to die

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